Governor Joseph Gale and His Indian First Lady – Oregon’s First Governor

Governor Joseph Gale and His Indian First Lady - Oregon's First GovernorBy Lillian Cummings Densley & Aaron G. Densley

From the book I learned that Joseph Gale was quite a character. In his 74 years, he was not only the First Governor of Oregon, he was an explorer, a fur trapper, builder and captain of the schooner “Star of Oregon”. He was a gold miner (49er) and a scout-guide for the Union Army. Gale was a hay farmer (here in the Ft. Tejon area, which is how his daughter met John Cuddy). He was a ferryman on the Kern River . Formerly called Gordon’s Ferry, the crossing came to be known as Gale’s Ferry. In his 60’s he finally settled down as a farmer in Eagle Valley , Oregon ; growing vegetables and fruit. Gale became the first Postmaster of New Bridge, Oregon. He turned to politics and took on causes such as the eligibility of “half-breeds” to citizenship. Many of his descendants live in Oregon to this day.

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