The Ridge Route Communities Historical Society was forunded in 1996 and just two years later a museum was opened in a store front in our mountain community of Lake of the Woods. The museum board then purchased the present property in Frazier Park and the museum moved there in 2003. The museum consists of a small building housing an exhibit area, a library of books, files on every subject pertaining to the mountain area as well as a book store with books on local history,and on the north exterior wall of the building is a beautiful mural painted by Michelle Nosco depicting the area's history

On the grounds, look for the plaque commemorating the first Spanish trail that ran by the museum. This trail is thought to date back to the 1600's. The log cabin was the first home of our founding family - complete with outhouse and wagon. There is a wonderful example of one of the early gasoline service stations, a mining exhibit and a program area. To the south and east of the museum is a patio in progress, lit by lamp posts from the very historic Lebec Hotel, and over the bridge is our tribute to the local Native population.