Grand Opening RRCHMS Outdoor Displays May 3, 2008

Sparky Bright filling up his 1928 Model A, 1 ton truck.  More here.

Indian powow and sing performed by the Crooked Hat Singers.


Special People


Carl Marsee: "Many thanks for all that you have done getting this all together."

Curtis Newman: Long time resident and Museum Curator

Eloise Richer: Our Secretary and Editor of the Museum Newsletter

...and there were some Goats in the Corral

The Frazier Mountain High School Future Farmers of America brought the animals from their FMHS farm to fill the Cuddy homestead cabin's corrals.

This rabbit had huge feet to help it run about in the snow.

We had some Native Americans tell us of their appreciation of what the museum is doing to keep their history alive..

Carl Marsee, Gary Johnson (Cherokee) and Ralph H. Leos (Apache): Members of Crooked Hat Singers who presented the drum circle.

Chairman of Chumash Council, James Leon (speaking), with presentation gift to the museum.

101 Years Old Marshal Welles and Family

Mr. Welles gave us a short talk on his experience on the Ridge Route in 1919, and his trip up through Oregon.

From left to right Dick Welles, Marshal Welles, Betty Welles, Kathy Morales, Meya Morales, Jerimiah Morales, and Justus Morales.