Help Wanted: To Brighten Up the Holidays

Join us to “Light Up The Darkness” this year.Help create a cheerful entryway into town, with lighted trees, deer, a snowman or two and lots of lights. We invite you to help fill the Ridge Route Communities Museum’s yard with holiday fun.

We want to light our huge incense cedar tree and to decorate and light the old Lebec Hotel lamp posts.

The more lights the merrier. Our wish list to borrow:
•Lights, lights and more lights;
•Lighted yard decor (deer, snowmen, Christmas trees, candy canes and other fun);
•An antique vehicle we can decorate and park at our vintage gas station.

You’ll find children nestled in the Cuddy homestead cabin bed, with our scarecrow reading to them. You may find Santa near the outhouse and Rudolph on the roof, plus more surprises. This will be a town project. Please call if you can help set things up!

Leave loaned items with your name and number on the museum porch (3515 Park Drive, Frazier Park). Call 661.245.7747 for pick up.

By Bonnie Kane, Ridge Route Communities Museum