Historic Frazier Mountain Lookout Tower

fp lookoutOverlooking Frazier Park to the north, and Lake of the Woods to the north-west and roughly 7 miles up Frazier Mountain on a steep dirt road from Chucupate Ranger station, is this historic lookout at 8013 feet, that is part of our recent past.

These pictures were taken recently in fp lookoutJuly 2010 and gives a realistic view of the present condition as it exists today. The site was originally setup around 1910 with a different building which burned down in the 1952. The current building was brought in from Santa Barbara to replace it in the same year and is what you see today.

fp lookout interiorThe interior seems to be mostly complete although sadly in great need of love and care.

fp lookout interiorAlso the windows are gone and need some re glazing.

fp lookout-SEA view south east from the tower. the look out tower is actually quite overwhelmed by the size of the adjacent structures.

fp lookout WWII towerImmediately adjacent to the lookout tower is this antenna tower..During WWII the tower was manned 24 hrs per day as part of the war effort, and a lot of tales were developed during this period. The use of the towers was discontinued in the 1990’s

A considerable amount of additional information is contained in “A VIEW FROM THE RIDGE ROUTE” VOL IV.pgs 234-244.